6 top places to stay in Namibia

1. Ultimate luxury camping at the Kalahari Auob Camp. Alone in the wilderness! Just the sounds of nature. If you don’t want to self-cater at the camp site, you can have a scrumptious home-cooked meal by the staff in the reception/dining area at the entrance.

2. Dolomite camp at the entrance of the Etosha National Park. By far the most incredible views from our balcony. Plenty of excitement of being in the national park: You never know what you may run into, or hear at night…

This is where we were woken up at night by a lion.


3. We Kebi Safari Lodge, an African dream with thatched rooms and typical decor. Includes breakfast and dinner. Be adventurous as you can try some game meat here!


4. Emanya@Etosha was a fabulous contemporary hotel just outside Etosha National Park, at a very affordable price. The perks: free foot massages, afternoon tea-time, gourmet meals, and a waterhole by the pool to watch the animals. This hotel had by far the best service from its employees that we had experienced in Namibia.



5. The Organic Square Guesthouse is a clean, contemporary hotel in the coastal city of Swakopmund. You have the option of an organic breakfast every morning.

6. And last but not least, a legitimate camping experience is definitely a must in Africa. We did it with an integrated tent on the rooftop of our car. For food, we added a fridge in the back of our truck in order to keep things fresh. A big plus: hearing the sounds of nature.


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