Top 6 activities that are a must in Namibia

1. Climb Dune 45  & visit Deadvlei

Wake up early to get there at sunrise. You will not regret it! The climb up dune 45 is not easy (especially for me who is scared of heights). You will be rewarded with a killer view of the dunes.


Deadvlei feels like you have simply stepped into a postcard. This is the classic image of Namibia.


2. Quadding in the desert

For those that like a good ‘ol adrenaline rush, and the need for speed. This is for you! Check our Desert explorers as you enter the town of Swakopmund. If you want a little extra, they also offer sandboarding or slide down the dunes and scream…You are in the middle of the desert, no-one will hear you.


3.  Animal watching in Etosha National Park

In Namibia, this is one of the only countries you are fortunate enough to do your own self-drive safari. You never know who you might run into!


4. Meet the local tribes

A great place to see the Damara tribe (famous for their click language) is in Tywfelfontein. There are multiple tribes in Namibia including the famous Himba and Herero. A surreal experience to encounter these beautiful people.


5. See the skeleton coast from an aerial view

Take a Cesna ride across the beautiful Namibia, flying over the skeleton coast. This literally felt like i was a cameraman in a national geographic documentary. You will see flamingoes flying below you, ship wrecks in the desert, old diamond mine camps, and much more. We had an amazing pilot, Paul from Sossusfly, who was actually trained by one of my patients!




6. Cape Cross

An incredible site to see 100,000 seals all gathered at Cape Cross. You will have all your senses stimulated here (sight, odour, audio). A scenic drive  from Swakopmund, up the coastline of Namibia will bring you here in around an hour. You will see them in their natural habitat on land, and even catching them swimming in the ocean. Don’t get too close to them, they bite!



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