Top experiences in the Philippines

1. Firefly watching in Puerto Princesa

I honestly had low expectations when we signed up for this activity. But this ended up being one of the best experiences I have ever had on vacation. It is difficult to document via video/photography as this excursion occurs at night. Hop on the boat, and quietly float through the river and in the meantime, enjoy a fabulous buffet meal. When we arrived in the specific viewing area that is pitch dark, the guide would shout and scream various noises, stimulating the fireflies to light up. They also flashed in rhythm to the noises we would make. You have to experience it to understand the wonder. Please sign up for this! You will have to trust me without the images.

2. Kite surfing in Boracay

My fiancé is an avid kite surfer. I’m still a beginner. We stayed in the Hangin’ Kite resort, which had a kite surfing school attached to it. However there are a multitude of schools on this side of beach. Great advantages for beginner surfers is that the tide is low. If you fall off your board, you can easily touch the bottom.

3. A visit to Nacpan beach

Have you ever seen 3 beaches collide? Well this is the place! As a bonus, you will likely find yourself alone at this gorgeous beach.


4. Gamble like the Philippinos do

Another way to get your adrenaline pumping is gambling, but gambling phillipino style! Lay it all out on the table! This makeshift outdoor casino can be found as you enter the picturesque town of El Nido. The video says it all…

5. Visit the islands surrounding El Nido

Reminiscent of Thailand, the typical A,B,C,D tours take you to different islands around El Nido. These picturesque beaches are definite postcard worthy!

If you are adventurous enough, you can even arrange to camp alone on a little island (no resources)…makes for an incredible experience. You can play Tom Hanks in your own Castaway movie.

On a kayak, maneuver yourself through some beautiful lagoons, in the Philippino warm turquoise waters.



6. Intramuros

Found in Manila, this is an area within fortified walls with remnants of old Spanish architecture. If you didn’t know, the Philippines was colonized by the Spanish at one point. Visit the impressive old church of San Augustin.

BONUS experience: Take a ride on the Manila public transport system. I have never seen traffic like the traffic of Manila. We had problems catching a cab to go to Intramuros (even though it was merely 6km from where we were, it would take a good hour for this trajectory by taxi, hence why no-one wanted to take us). So off we hopped on a metro ride, followed by a crazy ride in a rickshaw! Don’t be surprised to see the metro filled to the brim! Note also that for you ladies, there is the option to go into the women only section of the metro (which is a little bit  more roomy). A great local experience overall!

IMG_1435 2IMG_1412

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