Tips on taking care of your teeth while travelling

If you didn’t know, my day-job is that of a dentist. So why not share with you guys, my fantastic travel companions, some tips to keep your teeth in tip top shape while travelling. Even if you’re on vacation, this doesn’t mean you should take a break out of taking care of your teeth!

1. Toothbrush with integrated toothpaste

This is practical when travelling, and great to get that fresh feeling after getting off an 8 hour flight. Simply rinse the bristles, and this will activate the integrated toothpaste. This is a one time use kinda brush, so not practical for the rest of the trip (for the remainder or your holidays, you need #2).

2. Electric toothbrush

Always gives a superior clean than its manual counterpart. Some types are battery-powered, others are chargeable. Usually the charge is good for 2 weeks (in case you forget to pack your charger, or even worse, the plug is not compatible with that of your destination country), so it is excellent for a relatively short vacation. Note, they are heavier in your suitcase than a conventional brush. Make sure you have some extra pounds to spare for your electric toothbrush.

Bonus: They usually come with a travel case.

My favourite is the Oral B!

3. Ask your dentist for sample sizes

I always give a hygiene goodie bag to my patients! These include sample sizes of toothpaste, mouthwash and floss. They can easily be passed on through your carry on and are under the limit for liquid quantity. They are small, so won’t be able to last you for a longer vacation, however are great for a one night getaway, or to simply keep your teeth clean during your long haul flights.

Don’t be shy to ask your local dentist for some samples. I am sure they will gladly accept!

4. Chew gum

Gum is great in giving you a boost of fresh breath and stimulate salivary production. In addition, it acts by keeping those sugar bugs away, which consequently results in less cavities. But don’t just chew any gum. The ideal chew buddy is one containing Xylitol. They are a little bit more pricier than a regular Hubba Bubba, but definitely worth the extra penny.

Hope my tips keep your mouth healthy during your travels! Do not hesitate if you have any questions 😁😁

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