Aloha, hola, hey to my international friends! Welcome to Passportpholio. A blog I created to showcase locations, accommodations, experiences that are worth taking a billion planes, buses, trains to get there. So get your passport stamped and join me for the ride!

Who am I? Naima Liamani, passionate for travel, resident of the world.

What’s my background? Conceived in Palma de Mallorca, born in Algeria, spent my childhood in England, moved to Winnipeg, Montreal, followed by Miami and now returned to call Montreal home. My day job: Dentist, and owner of the Des Cedres Dental Clinic. Went to McGill University, completed a residency at the University of Florida. I worked as a G.O. in a Club Med (Dominican Republic).

When did you start travelling? At 10 days old, i was on my first flight. My mother still has the plane ticket to prove it!

Where have you travelled? By continent:

Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Tanzania and Namibia.

Asia: Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Americas: Aruba, Barbados, Bahamas, Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Jamaica, U.S.A, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia and Venezuela.

Europe: England, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, and Greece.

And to be continued…

Why do you love travelling? This a deep question that merits a long answer. I love to meet people from all over the world and seeing how different, yet how similar we are. I love chasing heat, especially since I live in Canada. The smell of the air of a new country is indescribable. For me, the air and sweet smell of any of the Mediterranean countries just brings back childhood memories. I have always thought and believed that travelling is the best education. So pick up your passport, flip your globe, and choose your next destination!

Sit back, relax, and take a look at my passportpholio. Enjoy the ride!